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The Pursuit

Of The American Dream
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The Frontier is Still Out There.

Welcome to the pursuit!  We’re John and Anna!  And we are taking our two little girls and two dogs on an adventure of a life time!   After working hard and keeping up with the joneses for 10 years, we are braking the mold and showing our girls what the American Dream can still be!

We are not some trust fund kids, and we didn’t win the lottery.  We are just average Americans that gave up our mortgage and 9-5 to prioritize time and fun with our children!

Be Bold- Be Inspired

Stay tuned because this not so fool-proof plan is sure to be tested!  Along our journey we want to learn more about America and our people

Recent Travels

John and I took our Popup Overlanding!  We went on a road trip through the southwest exploring Lake Mead, Zion National Park, Arches National Park, Paddle boarding in Lake Powell, and mountain biking in Moab!

Overlanding in to Lake Powell

with a Popup and Landcruiser


Off Road Meca!

Learn more about RV living and our Adventures

Full Time RVing – Stationary Living at an RV Park

Selling our house and moving into an RV was perhaps the scariest thing I have done.  Probably because of our two little girls.  There were so many unknowns and we did not want to fail our kids.   What would people think when they heard we lived in an RV? Would my kids...

Keeping up with the Joneses

Little over a year ago, our second child was born! My husband and I have truly been blessed! Life is amazing! It truly is. During my maternity leave, we had endless family time. My husband, John, had been a stay at home father for a few years by then. So we used that...